Wait, what is this place?

team rooster

Rooster was started by a group of friends (that's us!) who wanted to see more sharing and human connections in the world. It is a place for neighbors to help, borrow, share, and get together with one another - all for free. Instead of money, we pay it forward.

The movement started from our living room and spread its wings to tens of thousands of members, as more towns continue to join us.

In The Hen House


Tali Saar

Rooster is my life’s mission. I want to see more connectedness, kindness and empathy in the world and hope you do too. That’s what we’re here for.

Gil Lederman

I love waking up every morning and working towards a better world.


David Lam

Helps out keeping Rooster’s website running speedy! He likes playing video games and drinking vanilla coke.

Henry Wu

Born in the year of the Rooster - it was Henry’s destiny to be part of a community working to connect neighbors and reduce waste in the world.


Zornitsa Shahanska

Rooster’s resident fashionista and designer who loves making things look nice and spiffy.

If you want to get involved as well, drop us a line at hello@rooster.co :)

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